I’m a multi-instrumental live and studio musician, songwriter and composer with many years of experience in various musical formations and styles.

My main instruments are bass (electric and upright), guitar, french horn, drums and percussion; I also play piano, trumpet, trombone, synth, and others.

Check out my current projects below!

Paul Kuchenbuch – voc, gtr, b, brass, key
Nick Whitaker – key, voc, gtr, b
Tobias Niederreiner – d, perc, key, b, voc

Bateau Ivre’s Post-Apocalyptic Art Pop conjures up images of barren deserts, mist-shrouded jungles and stormy seas. The words take you to the depths of human existence between hope and despair. Against Nick’s and Tobi’s timeless backdrop incorporating guitar-pop and Yiddish folk songs, ambient electronics and contemporary classical music, Paul’s wistful voice, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke, rises from mysterious murmurs to emotional falsettos.



Ludolf Kuchenbuch – sax 
Gerhard A. Schiewe – acc 
Paul Kuchenbuch – b

Saxokord is a charming and elegant mix of Chamber Jazz and Tango, sometimes programmatic, sometimes improvised… and always entertaining!



Jean-Paul Musungay  – voc, perc
Cruz – congas, voc
David – gtr
Paul Kuchenbuch – b, voc
Kitoko – d

Music with heart and soul… music to dance to… music with a message. Four musicians from Congo/Angola and one from Germany present a blend of African rhythms and catchy melodies from intimate to energetic, with lyrics in Lingala, Kikongo, French, English, and German.




Merlin Dietrich (2014-2015) – gtr, b voc

Toni Kater (2014-2015) – d, gtr, b, syn, b voc

naphta (2005-2014) – tpt, tb, gtr, d, b

Rapids (2010-2011) – l voc, gtr, tpt

Jack Sony (2004-2008) – b, b voc

Citizen Insane (2001-2010) – l voc, gtr, b, key, tpt

SoLikeSleep (2002-2006) – gtr, b voc

White Paper Void (2000-2003) – gtr, b voc

Sicktrip (2001) – b, b voc

Flatline (1998-2000) – l voc, b

Yen Pox (1995-1999) – b, b voc