I am always open for discussion – contact me to find the perfect solution for your budget!

Full instrumental production (session musician, arranger and sound engineer all in one!)
350 €/d (35 €/h)*

Recording (studio & mobile) – 250 €/d (25 €/h)**

Mixing (incl. 2 revision rounds) – 75 €/song***

Mastering (incl. 1 revision round) – 35 €/song

Mix consulting – 20 €/h

Session musician – 30 €/h****

Composition/scoring/string arrangements – rates depend on complexity of arrangement

One day is roughly 10 hours. 

*If my contributions substantially change the song, co-writing credits and royalty agreements  may be applicable.

**Discounts are possible for longer bookings, and record/mix/master bundles. Rates include one preparatory visit of the place where recording is to take place, and rough mixing. Rates do NOT include studio rental (if applicable).

***Additional revisions at 25 €/h. Rates include instrumental and vocals-only mixes, but do NOT include individual stem rendering.

****See instrument list for instruments available. Rates include engineering of the recording.