I’m a composer, arranger and producer, known for my musical sensitivity and stylistic versatility. I create music for theatre, film, dance performances, or any other purpose, and write songs for various rock and pop projects.

I also write and produce songs with teenagers with the JamMBoxX project at the music school Johann Sebastian Bach in Potsdam.

With my multi-instrumental background, I have extensive understanding of the uses, capabilities and limitations of various instruments.  I prefer pre-arranging and notating the music, which will then be played by real musicians on real instruments, rather than using computerised samples.

I have a large network of musicians, and being a multi-instrumentalist, I can add plenty of sounds myself.

classical musical educationknowledge of music history and experienced ears all help realising a variety of sounds from classical through world music to pop!

I’ve created and/or performed original music for

Contes d’Afrique de l’ouest (Children’s audio book, 2018) 

Artus und die Frauen der Tafelrunde (Theater piece, 2021, with Giovanni Reber)

Kuma and Gorilla research (Promo films for Limbe Wildlife Centre, 2019, with Björn Leste)

Gilbert le saltimbanque – Ein Gespräch unter Gauklern (Documentary film, 2021, with Gerhard A. Schiewe)

and written songs for the bands Bateau Ivre, Drückerkolonne, Naphta, Rapids, and Jack Sony, among others.


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