current projects


Johannes Bert – dr, mandolin, b voc
Axel de Cayeux – gtr, l voc
Chris Ehrlenspiel – l voc, key
Paul Kuchenbuch – double b, electric, b, horn, b voc
and various guest musicians

Drückerkolonne is a cosmopolitan music collective,  performing its original high-energy polka-punk chansons in four languages at the festivals, clubs, parks and streets of Germany.



Ludolf Kuchenbuch – sax
Gerhard A. Schiewe – acc
Paul Kuchenbuch – b

Saxokord presents a charming and elegant mix of Chamber Jazz and Tango, sometimes programmatic, sometimes improvised… and always entertaining!



Jean-Paul Musungay  – voc, perc
Cruz Carlos – congas, voc
David King – gtr
Paul Kuchenbuch – b, voc


Music with heart and soul… music to dance to… music with a message. Three musicians from Congo/Angola and one from Germany present a blend of African rhythms and catchy melodies from intimate to energetic, with lyrics in Lingala, Kikongo, French, English, and German.