P – produced    R – recorded   M – mixed   MS – mastered

THE TROUBLE NOTES Live from Berlin (2018) R, M, MS
Live recording

LAPWINGS Masquerade (2018) CoR, M
Thommy Hein Studio

JAARI The Full Range (2019) R, M, MS
trumpet, backing vocals
Tricone Studios

KUBUS 5 (Christoph Hillmann/Ludolf Kuchenbuch/Oliver Potratz)
Live at Artist Homes (2018) R, M, MS
Live recording

French horn, trumpet, theremin, keys Rehearsal space recording

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA PROJEKT (Jessica Ling/Gerhard A. Schiewe) Concierto para Quinteto and others (2019) M, MS

BIG WHALE Pre/Post Assign/Mute (2018) R, M, MS
Tricone Studios

NADY DA I Want (2018) CoP, R, M, MS
all instruments & programming

MAURICE ORD Murdering Hitler With A Hairpin (2018) R, M, MS
Mobile recording

RÉMI VIDAL Joey et le mystére des Manteaux noirs (2018) R, M, MS
Thommy Hein Studio

ELSA VALENTIN/PAUL HENRIK KUCHENBUCH Contes d’Afrique de l’ouest (2018) R, M, MS
composition, guitar, valiha, balafon, djembe
Thommy Hein Studio

ELSA VALENTIN/AMANDINE THIRIET Le fabuleux voyage d’Aminta Polka (2018) R, M, MS
Thommy Hein Studio

B UNLIMITED! (Christoph Mayer/Christoph Hillmann) (2018) MS

K3 (Oliver Koepke/Ludolf Kuchenbuch/Heiko Kulenkampff) (2018)
Rehearsal space recording

JAARI A New Year’s Story E.P. (2017) R, M, MS
Tricone Studios

tenor sax
Rehearsal space recording

LAPWINGS La ligne d’en bas (2017) CoR, M
Thommy Hein Studio

MERLIN DIETRICH Doppelgänger (2017) CoP, R, Co-M
gtr, dr, b voc
Tricone Studios, Golden Retriever Studio

JAY ELBID Rise and Fall (2017) P, R, M, MS
gtrs, bass
Tricone Studios

JAY ELBID Life (2018) P, R, M
gtr, keys, programming
Tricone Studios

MICROSLEEP CAN KILL Auto-Repression/Intrusion (2017) R, M, MS
Rehearsal space recording

NINE2FIVE x (2017) M, MS

BIG WHALE Sasquatch (2017) R, M, MS
Tricone Studios

FIS NIK UKA Mos Qaj/In all meinen Liedern  (2017) CoP, R, M, MS
Halcyon Studio

INSIDE SPECTATORS Fuckin Famous (2017) CoR
Tricone Studios

JAMES McBREEN The Ballad of Shelley and Hamza (2017)

OLAF CREACH Decisions E.P. (2017) CoP, CoR, CoM
b, gtr, brass, perc
Golden Retriever Studio

OLAF CREACH Jumping Out/Corner of My Life (2017) CoP, R, M, MS, string arrangement
UFO Studios

TWINTWIN/XM split E.P. (2017) R, M, MS
Rehearsal space recording

ELSA VALENTIN/NICOLAS MIALOCQ Bou et les trois ours (2017) R, M, MS
Tricone Studios

RÉMI VIDAL La drôle d’histoire de Joey (2016) R, M, MS
Halcyon Studio

SAXOKORD Entenparade (2016) R, M, MS
Halcyon Studio

SCARDANELLI SESSIONS Fukushima (2016) Co-R (recording assistance)
Candy Bomber Studio

IBASOU Whydah E.P. (2015) R, M
Rehearsal space recording

MO ET MOI Darkly Bright (2015) MS

RONNY KIETZMANN Leerlauf (2015) Co-R (recording assistance)
Tricone Studios

NINA BESTE Time Traveler/You (2015) P, R, M
programming, gtr, keys, perc, arrangement

KUBUS 1 (Hans Lüdemann/Ludolf Kuchenbuch/Stefan Weeke) Live at Café Schalotte (2013) M, MS
Live recording

NINE2FIVE 7 (2008) P, R, M, MS
Rehearsal space recording

I have also worked with these artists and projects:

Anton Barbeau, A Sea of Trees, Bob Double U, Cakebook Productions, Combine, Craig Wellman, Decoy, Flatline, Florian Bensiek, JamMBoxX – Musikschule Johann Sebastian Bach Potsdam, Leonardo Spade, Lotta Träger, Mr Toby Stock, Odyssey of Jo, Ohpsst, Onkel Berni, Otto-Sinfoniker, Push The Apples, Radio Schizo, Radiöfreek, Rapids, Rock Pop Schule Berlin, Ro’Shan, Rowster, Ross Koopmans, Sicktrip, Simonetta Ginelli, Snow Forest, Stray Mood, Thrust, Toni Kater, Utokaya, White Paper Void, Yen Pox…