Get recorded the way you really want to sound!

I work fast and efficiently, and I like to record “old school”, with as many instruments as possible playing simultaneously in the same room. I try to get as close to the final product already during recording, to save time and skip endless mouse-clicking at the mixing stage.

I have access to several cool Berlin recording studios, such as Tricone Studios in the historical Funkhaus, or Thommy Hein Studio in the heart of Neukölln. Make your choice depending on your budget and preference – may it be daylight, unique acoustics, or vintage gear.

If your budget is tight, I can come to you to record using the Halcyon Mobile Studio.

Overdubbing and post-production is done at my mixing studio, which has dry acoustics ideal for vocals, speech and single instruments. Located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, it is equipped with high-end preamps, converter, analogue compressors, EQs, tape echoes, instruments etc.

Sessions can be combined with a music video shoot in collaboration with

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