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I have many years of experience as a an engineer, producer and musician in various studios and rehearsal spaces. I feel at home in many musical styles, and I approach my work with knowledge and enthusiasm.

I work fast and efficiently, and I like to record “old school”, with as many instruments as possible playing simultaneously in the same room. I try to get as close to the final product already during recording, to save time and skip endless mouse-clicking at the mixing stage.

As a plus, I’m a multi-instrumental musician and arranger who can easily play additional instruments on your recordings, write string and other orchestral arrangements, and recruit session musicians.

Halcyon studio is located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and well-equipped with everything you need to make a great recording: Various microphones, high-end preamps, converter, analogue compressors, EQs, tape echoes, instruments etc.

I also offer mobile recording, wherever you play music best inside and around Berlin.

Listen to recording examples on SoundCloud and YouTube

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