I’m a bass player (electric bass and double bass) with more than 20 years of experience. I started at the age of 12, and have been playing and singing background vocals in bands ever since. Styles range from Pop over Heavy Rock to Jazz and Afro-Beat.

Here is a selection of bands and projects:

Drückerkolonne (2020-present) – double b, electric b, b voc, French horn

Afrochanson (2017-present) – b, b voc

Saxokord (2015-present) – b, double b

Jack Sony (2004-2008) – b, b voc

Citizen Insane (2001-2010) – l voc, gtr, b, key, tpt

Sicktrip (2001) – b, b voc

Flatline (1998-2000) – l voc, b

Yen Pox (1995-1999) – b, b voc