Besides my work in music, I am a studied zoologist with a particular interest in primates and birdsI am a contributing author on several scientific articles.

As a primatologist, I’m interested in the facial and gestural communication of apes in relation to the evolution of human language.

As a birdwatcher, my main focus is bird species diversity in the forest zone of Central Africa. During repeated field trips to both Congos and to Cameroon, I collected recordings of vocalisations of birds, monkeys and other animals.

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FRÖHLICH M, KUCHENBUCH P, MÜLLER G, FRUTH B, FURUICHI T, WITTIG RM, PIKA S (2016). Cooperative Communication and Communication Styles in Bonobos and Chimpanzees: Same Same but Different? PeerJ Preprints 4:e1791v1 link

THUNSTRÖM M, KUCHENBUCH P, YOUNG C (2014). Concealing of Facial Expressions by a Wild Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus). Primates 55(3): 369-375 link

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KUCHENBUCH P (2007). Die ozeanische Drift der Flaschenkürbisse. In: LACK, H. (ed.): Süsses oder Saures? Kürbis, Melone, Gurke und Verwandte. Berlin, BGBM (Botanical Gardens and Botanical Museum Berlin)


bird recordings at AVoCet Avian Vocalizations Center: Congo Peacock, Gabon Coucal, Great Blue Turaco